Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Update to Information Skills cards

The Information Skills cards have just been updated – this new version is version 4.0.

This current (beta) edit is designed to reflect the recent changes in the SCONUL Seven Pillars of Information Literacy, as documented online on the SCONUL website.

All the cards have been changed to reflect both the updated Information Literacy Pillars and the supporting information in the Core Model publication, which explains each of the Pillars.

The cards have also been updated with the International Information Literacy logo, as recommended by the SCONUL Working Group on Information Literacy.

The updated cards can be viewed and downloaded from our Viewpoints online Slideshare area.

The cards are not yet final – they have been sent out for consultation by University of Ulster Library staff. Once all comments and edits from them have been collated and incorporated, we will upload a final printable set of the updated Information Skills cards to the Viewpoints Resources website.

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