Monday, 20 June 2011

School of Computing and Mathematics workshop

Today Catherine O'Donnell and Dr Vilinda Ross delivered a Viewpoints workshop to academics from the School of Computing and Mathematics, at the School of Computing Away Day.
The workshop was held on Belfast Campus.

Staff were organised into small teams and considered one of the following key objectives: Retention, Graduate Qualities, Employability, Entrepreneurship, Study Skills, Assessment and Feedback, Currency of the Curriculum and Year 1 Transition.

All four Viewpoints themes (Assessment and Feedback, Information Skills, Creativity in the Curriculum, and Learner Engagement) were used during the course of this workshop.

Photos of the session can now be viewed on Flickr.

The presentation for this session is available to view on Slideshare:

Friday, 17 June 2011

School of Creative Arts workshop

Today Dr Alan Masson from Viewpoints and Dr Vicky Davies from Staff Development delivered an Assessment and Feedback workshop to academics from the School of Creative Arts who are preparing for revalidation. The workshop took place in Magee Campus.

Photographs of the outputs of this session can be viewed on Flickr.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sixth International Blended Learning Conference (BLU)

Viewpoints were involved in a joint workshop entitled ‘Sustaining and embedding innovations to achieve institutional enhancement in learning and teaching’ at the University of Hertfordshire on the 15th and 16th June 2011. Catherine O’Donnell represented the Viewpoints project at this event.

The workshop began with a short overview of the key success factors for sustaining and embedding projects. The teams then split into two sub-groups for the discussion element.

Each sub-group presented information about their project. This provided participants with an opportunity to learn more about the projects and their relevance to their own institutions.

Sub-groups then took part in discussions about the barriers and enablers aligned with the chapter headings in the Good Practice Guide to Sustaining and Embedding Innovations.

A copy of the presentation delivered at this joint workshop can be found on Slideshare.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Train the Trainer Workshop

Yesterday Alan Masson and Catherine O'Donnell delivered a ‘train the trainer’ workshop to key educational support staff from City and Greenwich Universities in London to facilitate the embedding of project outputs into relevant teaching and learning processes within the respective institutions.

The presentation can be viewed on slideshare and photographs of the outputs can be viewed on flickr.

Friday, 3 June 2011

HEA Seminar: Encouraging creative and innovative “Viewpoints” in Curriculum Design

Yesterday the Viewpoints team delivered a seminar as part of the Higher Education Academy’s Northern Ireland Seminar Series. The programme from the day can be found on slideshare. The aim of the seminar was to introduce the Viewpoints Project and demonstrate how course teams can be assisted to incorporate pedagogic best practice research into their teaching and learning plans and be encouraged to be more creative and innovative in their designs.

The morning session began by Eddie Gulc from the Higher Education Academy welcoming everyone to the event, followed by Alan Masson introducing the Viewpoints Project. The participants then had an opportunity to try a taster workshop lead by Catherine O'Donnell. Research findings and experiences to date were shared with the participants.

Alan introduced the afternoon session and set the Viewpoints workshop in context. Catherine O'Donnell introduced the Viewpoints handbook and and offered guidelines, tips and lessons learnt. There was an opportunity for the participants to discuss how they could embed the Viewpoints approach into their own institutions. The day finished with a question and answer session.

Host institutions are required to produce a briefing paper within two months of delivering their seminar to stimulate discussion, share practice and support the sector’s access to relevant research/evaluation evidence. The briefing paper will summarise the key issues presented at the seminar, including the implications of research/evaluation evidence for practice.

The presentations from the day to can be found on slideshare. The scenarios used can also be found on slideshare.

Some photographs from the day can be found on flickr:

Outputs from the day can be found on flickr:

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Viewpoints resources available for download

Viewpoints now have a Resources section available on the website.

Here, you can browse and download our curriculum design resources, which can help academics plan and enhance their curriculum design.

Our resources include a series of reflective tools (timelines and printable prompt cards) to inspire ideas on creating effective curriculum designs.

The resources section also includes the Viewpoints Handbook (a guide to delivering a curriculum design workshop), supporting resources for each of the four themes, facilitator guides and presentation templates.

You can browse and download resources individually or download the entire resource pack as one compressed ZIP file (26 MB in total).