Friday, 3 June 2011

HEA Seminar: Encouraging creative and innovative “Viewpoints” in Curriculum Design

Yesterday the Viewpoints team delivered a seminar as part of the Higher Education Academy’s Northern Ireland Seminar Series. The programme from the day can be found on slideshare. The aim of the seminar was to introduce the Viewpoints Project and demonstrate how course teams can be assisted to incorporate pedagogic best practice research into their teaching and learning plans and be encouraged to be more creative and innovative in their designs.

The morning session began by Eddie Gulc from the Higher Education Academy welcoming everyone to the event, followed by Alan Masson introducing the Viewpoints Project. The participants then had an opportunity to try a taster workshop lead by Catherine O'Donnell. Research findings and experiences to date were shared with the participants.

Alan introduced the afternoon session and set the Viewpoints workshop in context. Catherine O'Donnell introduced the Viewpoints handbook and and offered guidelines, tips and lessons learnt. There was an opportunity for the participants to discuss how they could embed the Viewpoints approach into their own institutions. The day finished with a question and answer session.

Host institutions are required to produce a briefing paper within two months of delivering their seminar to stimulate discussion, share practice and support the sector’s access to relevant research/evaluation evidence. The briefing paper will summarise the key issues presented at the seminar, including the implications of research/evaluation evidence for practice.

The presentations from the day to can be found on slideshare. The scenarios used can also be found on slideshare.

Some photographs from the day can be found on flickr:

Outputs from the day can be found on flickr:

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