Monday, 18 April 2011

TFL Development Programme - Student Engagement

Catherine O'Donnell and Vilinda Ross today facilitated a Viewpoints session during the TFL Development Programme for Ulster staff at the Rosspark Hotel.

The theme of the TFL Programme was 'Student Engagement' and the project teams were working on various proposals around this theme.

There were twelve workshop participants, and 3 project teams from the University of Ulster.

The project teams used this Viewpoints taster session of 1 hour to explore how the process could be used to help them scope out their project plans on the theme of Student Engagement. The Viewpoints themes used for this taster session were Assessment and Feedback, Learner Engagement and Creativity in the Curriculum. The introductory session primarily focused on module level.

There was a good response to this taster session, with 60% indicating that they found the session very useful.

Slides from the session are available via the Viewpoints Slideshare website:

Photos are also available for view on the Viewpoints Flickr photostream:

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