Friday, 21 January 2011

Learner Engagement Workshop – Students' Union

Jill Harrison, Catherine O'Donnell, and Alan Masson facilitated a Learner Engagement workshop for the Students Union on Friday 21 January 2011.

The students' union is currently developing a 10-point credit module for student representation. The objective was to minimise additional workload for participants, support participants to become effective course representatives and create a community for representatives to share good practice.

The group used the Learner Engagement cards and the module worksheets during the 2-hour group work activity-based session.

In the evaluation exercise afterwards (implemented by Vilinda Ross), participants noted the usefulness of the visual approach and prompts implemented at the Viewpoints session. One participant remarked that the approach provided a "good visual display of our work and plan for a semester" while another stated that the Viewpoints outputs and resources had managed to "spark creativity as well as providing sound building blocks for the module". Participants felt that the workshop had helped them reflect on the learner perspective, helping the team "recognise the needs of the learner and how we can make the student experience better for them, and therefore make them better class reps".

Slides from the session are available online at slideshare:

All the resources used in the workshop (worksheet and Learner Engagement cards) are available for view or download from the Viewpoints Flickr photostream.

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Photos from the day are also available on Flickr:

Students Union Team

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