Friday, 15 October 2010

Viewpoints steering group meeting

Viewpoints had their third ever steering group meeting today in Jordanstown campus.

Attendees included Viewpoints Director Alan Masson and his team, chair Professor Mark Stubbs from Manchester Metropolitan University, our Critical Friend, Peter Bullen, Director of Access and Distributed Learning, Sylvia Alexander, Shiela MacNeill from JISC CETIS, and key Ulster stakeholders from across the University.

Firstly, the minutes from the previous meeting in April were read and approved by the group. Director Alan Masson reported on the activities of Viewpoints from April until October of this year, aided by comments and feedback from steering group members, who had received the report a week in advance, in order to give them time to comment. The group members asked for clarifications during Alan's presentation, and made suggestions as to specific content.

All comments and suggestions from the steering group will be incorporated into the draft report, which will then be finalised by the Viewpoints team and sent to JISC as our definitive Interim Report for this reporting period.

The steering group stakeholders were extremely enthusiastic and positive about the work done by Viewpoints during this reporting period, and made a number of constructive suggestions and additions to content. These suggestions and advice should help the Viewpoints team work towards final tool development and dissemination, as we enter the final year of the project.

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