Thursday, 21 January 2010

Viewpoints at the Ulster eLearning Conference 2010

Dr Alan Masson, Catherine O’Donnell and Fiona Doherty delivered workshops at the University of Ulster’s 8th annual e-learning conference at the Belfast campus today.

The workshop was titled ‘Reflecting Viewpoints: Encouraging creativity in curriculum design (assessment and feedback)’. The session consisted of an activity-based demonstration of the Viewpoints Assessment and Feedback workshop format and showed how this had been recently integrated into the CIES Reward and Recognition programme. The tasks used real-life scenarios from the Reward and Recognition programme projects. Each group compared their output to the programme outputs and shared these comparisons with all participants.

The slides from the workshop are available here:

Photos from the workshop are available here:

Karen Virapen looked after the Viewpoints stand at the conference - promoting the project activities. The Viewpoints poster was on display with project resources available to take away.

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