Friday, 20 February 2009

Project Planning Day - the first cut

With the expanded team in place, four members of Viewpoints - Alan Masson, Fiona Doherty, James Gheel and Karen Virapen - got together for an intensive project planning day.

The point of the day was to clarify some key areas for the project, as well as creating a draft project plan mapping out the process of creating each 'tool'.

We started by brainstorming as many ideas as possible onto a series of Post-Its - then grouped these on a whiteboard, as distinct themes began to emerge.

In Stage 2, we described four important areas -
  • People (i.e. internal and external groups who could be key to the project)
  • Outputs (tools and services that we plan to create)
  • Project Memory (ways to capture plans and record project activities)
  • Evaluation and Feedback (gauging if Viewpoints has been successful)
After lunch, we created a draft workplan, taking in all the stages of scoping and creating the planned Viewpoints tools and services. It was a productive - if somewhat exhausting - day! No doubt this plan will continue to evolve, but we have a useful starting point for the work to follow.

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